The SUFT Congress for 2021 will be held as a series of webinars. The planned sessions compressed into 4 separate webinars held over May/June 2021.

SUFT congress 2021 is an evidence based sports physiotherapy congress. This is the 6th international sports physiotherapy congress the Finnish Sports Physiotherapists Association, (SUFT) has organised. Each year we have seen the congress grow in content and participation.

The SUFT congresses have traditionally focused on a single topic and this year is no exception. The theme for SUFT Congress 2021 is the Athletes’ pain. Discussing and explaining pain has become part of the physiotherapists’ tool box but how does the biopsycholosocial model fit in sport and with elite athletes? Pain is experienced by all top athletes and will be the most common reason for an athlete approaching a physiotherapist. But how should the physiotherapist assess the athlete and their pain? what is the management strategy? should we use isometrics, eccentrics, education, removal of external stressors? how much pain is enough? should we exercise with pain? does pain predict or slow down effective return-to-play?

These questions and more will be answered by both the international and local speakers through keynotes, discussion panels, athlete case studies, demonstrations. The language of the 2021 congress will be Finnish and English.


  • Tuesday 25th May 2021 17.00-19.00 CET
    The athlete’s pain: what we know and why we should embrace it
    17.00 - 19.30
    The athlete’s pain: what we know and why we should embrace it
    Dr Kieran O'Sullivan and Dr Ben Smith will use case studies to illustrate how imaging can be both a help and a hindrance in athlete rehabilitation. They will also discuss that there might be some additional advantages when exercise is painful - over and above pain-free, with the importance of monitoring and progressing physical load/rehabilitation sensibly, without leading to hypervigilance.
  • Monday 31st May 2021 17.30-19.30
    Urheilijan kivunhoito eri tilanteissa
    "Nyt sattuu, mitä tehdään?”: Urheilijan akuutti kivunhoito
    TTässä käytännönläheisessä webinaarissa fysioterapeutti Marko Rossi ja lääkärit Mira Tuovinen ja Jani Takatalo keskustelevat urheilijan kivun hoidosta eri tilanteissa ja ympäristöissä: mitkä tekijät vaikuttavat päätöksentekoon ja hoidon valintaan, entä kuinka hoito eroaa urheilijan arjessa ja kilpailutilanteessa. Webinaarin kantavana teemana on yhteistyö fysioterapeutin, lääkärin ja urheilijan valmennustiimin välillä, sillä sujuvan yhteistyön seurauksena, eli kaikki puhuvat samaa kieltä ja ovat samalla kartalla, kaikkien tiimin jäsenten työ helpottuu usein huomattavasti. Vaikka kilpa- ja huippu-urheilussa kipu onkin usein läsnä, on tärkeä tiedostaa, “Koska on aika viheltää peli poikki?”, myös tästä aiheesta keskustellaan webinaarin aikana.


  • Testilippu


Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no abstract competition in the 2021 congress


Call for Abstracts

Combining science and clinical practice is challenging. In sport the necessity to keep ahead of the game is of upmost importance, this has created a large gap between evidence based and on-the-field practice in sports medicine. The organising and scientific committees for the SUFT congress work closely together to invite speakers who are both high level researchers and also have direct contact with clinicians or are clinicians themselves. The aim of this congress is to bring researchers and clinicians into the same ring to facilitate communication and constructive sparring. In this regards the previous two congresses have been overwhelming successes.

The Organizing and Scientific committees of the SUFT Congress kindly hope you would consider participating to the success of the meeting and submitting an abstract to our congress for poster presentation. This congress gives an excellent opportunity to come a present your work in a friendly environment to colleague’s interested in your field of expertise.

We warmly welcome any type of abstract including case studies of interesting case reports, description of injury profiling systems within an organization, intervention studies and reviews on specific injury prevention and treatment. The focus of the abstracts can be related to Injury prevention, physical and general health screening for athletes, sports physical therapy, sports medicine, athletes health, sport science and physical therapy for musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries. Presenters can be from a purely clinical, under graduate or postgraduate background, all are welcome. All accepted abstracts will be awarded a poster presentation

The top five abstracts submitted will be entered into the best poster competition and authors will be asked to present their posters on Friday 5th June 2020. The presentations will be a short 5-minute presentation with 1 question from the scientific committee. Winners will be decided by members of the scientific committee (50% of final score) and the audience through on-line voting system (Kahoot) for those watching the presentations (50% of final score). Prizes will be presented during the evening on Friday 5th June with 600€ awarded to first, 400€ second and 200€ third place.

Abstracts can be submitted through e-mail: If the abstract does not fulfill the below specifications it will be sent back to the author immediately for correction and will only be accepted once it complies with the guidelines for abstract submission (see below).

The voting application can be downloaded from:

Guidelines for abstract submission

Presenting authors may submit no more than two abstracts. It is possible to appear as a co-author on other abstracts.

The submitted abstract must be presented at the congress by the first author. Replacements will not be accepted and the abstract will not be published in the supplement.

The abstracts will only be accepted if it complies with the guidelines below and must be submitted between 1st January 2020 and 31st March 2020. Abstracts received after this deadline will maynot be considered. First authors must be registered by 24th April 2020 (note early bird fees expire on 24.04.2020!). Failure to register by this date might result in rejection of abstract.

The presenting author of all abstracts will be expected to put their poster up in the exhibition area on the morning of the 5th June 2020. The Scientific and organizing committee will give notice to the authors of the top five abstracts by 15th Apri 2020. All authors will be asked to stand by their posters during the afternoon coffee break on Friday 5th June 2020 and be prepared to discuss the content of their poster.

Guidelines for abstract preparation

Abstracts are to be submitted via the e-mail: Please read these guidelines carefully and check before submission that your abstract meeting these. Abstracts not following these will be rejected and sent back to the author.

General information

The committee must receive all abstracts by 31st March 2020.  An e-mail confirming receipt of you abstract will be sent. All contents are the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstract. All abstracts will be assessed by two independent reviewers with expertise in this area. The scientific committee will makes a decision on finalists.

Detailed information for abstract preparation

Abstracts are restricted to 250 words (not including title, authors, institutions and acknowledgements). They may not contain any tables or graphs and are restricted to ASCII characters only. File should be a word document (.doc)


English only – The abstracts must be written in an understandable style. Incomprehensible abstracts will be returned for correction before acceptance.


Subdivide the abstract into the following paragraphs:

Title: The effects of the magic sponge in management of acute ankle sprains

Capital letters can be used if wanted for first letter of each word only.

Authors: Surname, Initials e.g. Waller B. Smith J.

Authors affiliations: e.g. University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Introduction: purpose and aims of the study/project

Methods: explanation of data collection and processing

Results: summary of the results

Discussion: major findings and conclusions

Acknowledgments: Funding agencies and other people supporting the study


No references to be used

5.Figures and Tables

No figures or table to be included in the abstract.

The author can refer to the journal in which the article was published

Guidelines for Poster Preparation

1) Size

Posters should be portrait format only. They should be no larger than 127.5cm high and 94.5cm wide.

2) Content

Poster should contain title, author’s names and affiliations as per the abstract.

Posters are encouraged to have similar titles i.e. introduction, methods, results and discussion.

3) Language

English only

4) Layout

Use a type size that can be read easily from a considerable distance (4 feet or more). Try using a type between 14 – 20 pt. The title should be larger than the rest of the text. Suggested legible fonts include Times Roman, Times New Roman, Baskerville, or Palatino.

5) Poster hanging

Posters should be mounted on the boards provided by the end of morning coffee break on Friday 5th June 2020.
Guidelines for Oral Presentation (Finalists only)

The finalists for the abstract competition are expected to present a brief synopsis of their study results and main findings during the last session on Friday 5th June (16.00-16.55).

You have 5 minutes to present your study. No more.

Therefore, you will be allowed 2 slides.

Slide 1: Title and aims

Slide 2: Main result and their clinical implications

Further details will be provided once the finalists have been selected.

Your slides are to be provided to Ben Waller by the Friday morning 7th June via e-mail or directly to Ben during the morning session.

Scientific Committee:

Chair: Dr Ben Waller, Finland

Associate Professor Kati Pasanen, University of Calgary, Canada

Professor Ari Heinonen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Professor Urho Kujala, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Ms. Simone Kallonen, chair of organizing commitee SUFT

About Congress

SUFT Congress 2020 is an international sports physiotherapy congress organized by the Finnish Sports Physiotherapists Association SUFT. The priority of the congress is “The athletes’ pain” in a perspective of the latest research and practical expertise. The presentations are linked to hands-on demonstrations by world-class experts.

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