SUFT congress 2020 is an evidence based sports physiotherapy congress. This is the 6th consecutive international sports physiotherapy congress the Finnish Sports Physiotherapists Association, (SUFT) has organised. Each year we have seen the congress grow in content and participation.

The SUFT congresses have traditionally focused on a single topic and this year is no exception. The theme for SUFT Congress 2020 is the Athletes’ pain. Discussing and explaining pain has become part of the physiotherapists’ tool box but how does the biopsycholosocial model fit in sport and with elite athletes? Pain is experienced by all top athletes and will be the most common reason for an athlete approaching a physiotherapist. But how should the physiotherapist assess the athlete and their pain? what is the management strategy? should we use isometrics, eccentrics, education, removal of external stressors? how much pain is enough? should we exercise with pain? does pain predict or slow down effective return-to-play?

These questions and more will be answered by both the international and local speakers through keynotes, discussion panels, athlete case studies, demonstrations and not forgetting the chats with colleagues and speakers in the coffee and lunch breaks. SUFT prides itself in creating an enriched environment for interaction and professional development. Not forgetting the popular abstract competition with participant participation, drinks and great prizes.

SUFT Congress 2020 will be held in capital of Finland Helsinki on the 5th – 6th June 2020 in the wonderfully modern conference venue Hotel Scandic Park located in the heart of downtown Helsinki.

Register today and enjoy a professionally organized conference and catch up with the latest research in a relaxing environment.

On behalf of the organising- and scientific committees we warmly welcome you to Helsinki 2020, for the 6th International Sports Physiotherapy Conference in Finland!

Ben Waller

Chair of the Scientific Committee

On behalf of the Finnish Sports Physiotherapists Association (SUFT)